Saturday, 14 September 2013


Our value focus this term has been "Kawenga/Responsibility."  We know that we can be responsible in lots of different areas.  An example of this:  to be responsible in the morning, we need to make sure we are ready for learning (put our book bag away, get brainfood etc).  A new aspect of our classroom this term has been "iTime" - we are learning to show responsibility at our independent learning time during reading.  In the morning, we make decisions about what we need to spend our time doing.  This helps us to be responsible for our learning and time management.  At my home conference, ask me how I am going with this...


  1. Ka pai Ava! You have taken iTime in your stride! You have taken full responsibility for your independent learning time, making sensible decisions to enhance your learning. Well done! Elly

  2. Ava we are so proud of you - Mum & Dad